I want to become a model.. Can you help me? where do I start?

Fashion Photo shoot

I want to become a model, can you help me? where do I start? This is a common question that I get asked all the time. Well there are 2 ways you can get into modeling, you sign up with an agency, they arrange a photo shoot, you pay them heaps of $$$$$ and hope they get you some work in modeling.

The other option is to start of freelance, so no agency involved, you find your own modeling work, yes more work for you but a cheaper alternative. If this is the road you choose then the first thing is you need to work out is what type of modeling you want to get into, i.e lingerie, fashion, swimwear/bikini, sports and so on, next thing is to start to build up your portfolio. No one is going to take you on if you don’t have a portfolio of images, now here is a tip.. NO SELFIES.. they don’t show your perspective clients what they want to see.

Ok, now to build  up your portfolio, you need to find a photographer that you can work with and most importantly is able to give you high quality, professional photographs, this is where we come in, we specialize in model portfolios and model photo shoots. We shoot to industry standards giving you professional images. Our sessions are fun and relaxed, our hair and make up artist is at hand to make sure you look your best

Ok what now???

Ok, so you had your photo shoot, received your images and you look great. Now it’s time to get yourself out there, just before you do that, you might want to be known in the industry by an other name, this is the time you stop, think and decide on a name that you will go by. We recommend you seriously think about the name you select, you don’t want to go changing it every month or every time you think you have found a new or better name, this seems unprofessional.  Now it’s time to your name out there, here are some tips and recommendations.

  • Create a Facebook page named after your modeling name and upload your images
  • Join Facebook groups that are related to modeling and photography, post some of your images.
  • Word of mouth, let family and friends know, get them to share your Facebook page.
  • Join up modeling websites like Model Mayhem and StarNow.
  • Network with other photographer, models, stylists and HMUA.

Make sure you keep your portfolio updated as much as you can.

Once you have built up your portfolio and confidence start approaching potential clients and let them know who you are what you do, give them your rates and what you can offer.

For more information or to start your modeling portfolio, please contact us joe@joecontephotography.com.au

Head shots

Your head shot photograph is often the first image a client, associate or agency sees on you. It has to be right.

It has to convey and represent the image you are trying to communicate.

I enjoy doing head shot photography, it allows me bring out the best of my client. Our  head shot sessions are always fun and relaxing, which I think plays an important part in getting that perfect shot.

I find that most people are nervous when in front of the camera, I can understand that, most people are to concerned about how they are going to look in the final shots. I work hard in making sure that you as the client you are as comfortable as possible before I take any shots. A nice friendly chat, a little bit of getting to know and each other and before you know the camera becomes transparent and what we end up is with amazing head shots.

To book your head shot session please visit or website www.joecontephotography.com.au



This is how I started my 2016 photo shoot session, with a lingerie photo shoot with a very talented model by the name of Celia.  I wanted to capture the best of Celia to create something sexy and classy, we started of with some simple shots on the bed, nothing special, more to ease Celia into the shoot, didn’t take Celia too long to relax and before I knew it, I was capturing some amazing images. Out of all the shots I got on the day, this image displayed here is my favorite, why? Because it was a natural shot, Celia was not posing, it was just Celia being Celia, present and in the moment, creating this image in black and white really brings out every aspect of what I wanted to capture.